Friday, February 6, 2009

Dissertations and Drinks

It's already clear what kind of semester this is going to be. I'm going to have to scrap my routine of cooking at home and having meals planned to enjoy at the end of the day, in favor of remaining forever 'flexible'....meaning that I should never give up an opportunity to go out and continue an excellent conversation, even if that means I eat two dinners or leave meat defrosting in my kitchen.

Last night was the first taste of this spontaneity. I had drinks with the cast of the feminist play I'm in next month and before I know it, the entire group is debating the exact topic I'm studying--Islamic feminist mobilization in the second generation in the U.K. and U.S. It's clearly a topic that people here think about and--more importantly--become passionate about. So it leads to lively evenings and I really didn't want the evening to end just yet, so I joined a couple of women for a late night meal at a Malaysian restaurant in Russel Square. Each of us wanted a starter, to just tide us over a late night craving, but the waiter kindly informed us that it was a minimum of 5 pounds per patron. So I gave in and got a whole meal--Malaysian Chicken Curry and Rice that was out of this world. I have to say, creamy coconut curries are probably my biggest weakness. My cholesterol suffers, but I'm absolutely held hostage to those flavors. The kicker is that eating in London is actually very cheap for me--namely because I can't eat large portions so I *always* have leftovers. I don't try to ration, I love food too much; but I just can't put it all away, so I take it home. Even though they charge 50p here for the takeaway boxes, lest you dare not to eat it all on the premises, it still makes for a pretty good deal. Especially with the exchange rate in favor of the dollar the way it is.

Tomorrow I'll write about the wonderful night I just had with some old college people--sometimes I feel so far removed from that part of my life, that I forget how easy it is to connect with some of those old friends. I'm really looking forward to using this phase in London to rebuild certain friendships.


jaimie said...

I am sitting here looking at the Malaysian Curry drooling. All I got here is a gas burner... Do you have any good "one pot recipe" ideas?

MP said...

I just recently realized that you have no clue who I am! 'tis Maithili! Haha, was talking to Ben the other day and realized that in my usual paranoia I have completely left out any self-identification from my blogger profile. This unfortunately means that not only would-be stalkers, but even friends wouldn't know who I am! Anyhoo, it is I. And I am very glad you seem to be having a super time in Londonia =D.

Anonymous said...

That looks so delicious, as most things made with cream are.